Preparing for Day 1

I decided to write a blog about my weight loss journey while on a budget. My goal is 25.6 pounds but for blog purposes 25 pounds works better. I decided last week to join Jenny Craig. I had done it in the past and the food is delicious. When I went online, they have a new program where they mail you the food. What could be better, decent diet food and I don’t have to spend a Saturday morning at Jenny Craig. Win win. They I saw the price. $326 for 2 weeks. Ok I thought, let’s do the math on that price. $163 a week. Ok, that’s seems high. Times 4 = $652 a MONTH and I still need to buy fruits and veggies. Now we are around $700 a month. For food. For 1 person.

I felt like I could feed a family of 4 on $700 a month so I started thinking. Can I duplicate Jenny Craig on my own. First stop was Aldi and boy was it a win. They have 4 breakfast ham, egg and cheese muffin sandwiches that are identical to Jenny Craig’s egg muffin (which I think may be around $5 a SANDWICH). Aldi price — 4 for $2.95 cents. That is less than .74 cents a sandwich. Winning so far. Now for lunch and dinner.

I am trying to stick to frozen meals that are under 300 calories so the Lean Cuisine Favorites are perfect and $1.98 at Target. There are so many varieties around 300 calories, I could have 20 different meals so I bought 20 for under $40. Then I needed 8 more meals for the 2 weeks so I splurged and went for 8 of the Lean Cuisine Comfort or Market entrees. They are a little more money, around $3.50 to $4 each, but still reasonable. I love Asian food and they have a lot of good varieties. I spend another $32 or so on those. So instead of $326, I spend under $85. Then I bought 16 yogurts for 10 dollars and 2 packages of 100 calorie popcorn and Pirate’s booty for about $12.

I headed back to Aldi for my fruits and veggies. I got 6 bags of frozen
broccoli, 12 organic bananas and 2 pounds of grapes for $10 so I spent just under
$120 for 2 weeks. With Jenny Craig I would still need the fruits and veggies so
that would have been $336.  If my budgeting works, I will spend less than $240 a month versus $700.  


Just need to state, I am not sponsored by any company. I just really like Lean Cuisine, Target and Aldi! But I am a fan so contact me if you want to send me some coupons 😉

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